The following rules are made up by the children of Fun Lodge and reviewed on an annual basis.

  1. We will not accept bullying of any kind.
  2. We will always ask a leader for permission to leave a room.
  3. We will not use inappropriate language or gestures.
  4. We will not name call or fight with each other.
  5. We will always use manners when speaking to other children, leaders or other adults
  6. We will always respect others and their belongings as well as the equipment in Fun Lodge and use this equipment properly
  7. We will always behave and act responsibly when on route to Fun Lodge.
  8. We will not go onto the stage or into the kitchen unless agreed by a leader.
  9. We will always listen when being spoken to by a leader, adult or child.
  10. We will always play fair and include others wherever possible.
  11. We will always control the level of our voices when in the church.
  12. We will never steal from others.
  13. We will not use our own electronic devices while in Fun Lodge.
  14. We will always care for, be friendly and look out for other people.
  15. We will always put away any toys & games we have been using whether inside or outside before changing activity and make sure that the craft table is kept tidy.
  16. We will always hang up our jackets on a hanger correctly and put our bags away neatly when arriving at Fun Lodge.
  17. We will not mess around in case someone gets hurt.
  18. We will always care for, be friendly and look out for other people.
  19. We will always inform a leader if a mess has been made by ourselves or others.