This time of year again - another Fun Lodge Playscheme to look forward to.

Week 1:  Tuesday 7th April -Friday 10th April
(This week covers all Glasgow and East Renfrewshire schools)

Week 2: Monday 13th April - Thursday 16th April
(This covers all Glasgow and East Renfrewshire schools except Calderwood Lodge Primary School)

On week 2, we will still be collecting from Calderwood Lodge Primary at 3.30pm

Our Spring Playscheme programme is still being discussed and will be published once numbers have been finalised.

If you have booked a space with us for the play scheme we ask that if you are no longer requiring your space or your child is not attending on a certain day, that you please inform us BY PHONE before 10am.


As the better weather hopefully approaches in the coming weeks, we will be offering the children and young people the chance to enjoy outdoor play.  We have a great outdoor play space in which the children enjoy making dens, gardening, tree climbing and generally just having fun.  This is something all staff members enjoy to see as their creativity and imaginations take over.

Should you wish to provide you child with spare clothes for our outdoor play opportunities then please do so.