Summer is fast approaching and although it is a busy time for everyone with people going on holiday and moving schools it is also an extremely busy time for Fun Lodge as we will be having our 16th Summer Playscheme.

We will be running every day through the Summer from Thursday the 25th of June until Wednesday the 12th of August.

As always we will be going on loads of different outings ranging from local parks all the way to Millport. We will also have workshops in throughout the Summer and there will be lots of fun activities for everyone to take part in.

Numbers are being finalised so if you haven't been in contact then please do so as numbers are already limited on certain days and are now allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Once the numbers are finalised we will plan and send out the completed programme for the holidays.

We look forward to seeing everyone and hope the weather helps us to run another fantastic Summer Playscheme.