We have had a busy couple of months at Fun Lodge with lots going on.

W have just finished another successful Holiday Club with 26 children attending throughout the week. We had trips to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Victoria Park as well as lots of fun activities in and around the church.

We have started our Young Leaders Play Training, we have had 2 sessions so far with a further 5 to follow, there is 9 children participating in this and so far all seem to have been enjoying the sessions.

We had a sports workshop from UTD Sports, this was based around Handball and all the children learned the rules of the game and got the chance to put the skills they had learned into practice with some mini games. UTD Sports will be back with us on Thursday 2nd November for a Dance Workshop and then again on the 7th November for another Sports Workshop.

Soup is back on the snack menu and the children have been enjoying going into the kitchen to make this. We serve soup for snack the day after the children have made it.

Susan has been making Slime with some of the children over the past 2 weeks and they are all loving it, the children that haven't had an opportunity yet are desperate to make it and hopefully we can continue this throughout the coming weeks.

Our Halloween Party will be on Tuesday the 31st October and fancy dress is optional, if you attend on a Tuesday then we look forward to having some extra fun on that day.

As always if you have any queries about anything that happens at Fun Lodge please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.

Kind Regards
Fun Lodge