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Outdoor Play

As the lighter nights arrive and the weather becomes milder we hope to be outside as much as possible. If you would like to provide play clothes for your children to get changed before going outside then please provide this in their school bag and the staff will make sure they get changed.

Children’s Care Plans

Care Plans as always will be ongoing for all of the children.


To ensure all children’s safety we ask that you park outside the church on the roadside when collecting your child/children.


As you are aware Fun Lodge is self-funding & to ensure the viability of the service fees must be paid either straight in to our bank or by child care vouchers by the 14th of each month. We can no longer accept cash or cheques.Please ensure that this is done at all times or a late payment fee of £5 per week will be charged after the 14th.If your child has a term place you will be charged if we are open and you do not use your place. If we are unable to open you will not be charged. Please see your terms and conditions regarding this.\ Permanent changes to your requirements requires one calendar month’s notice in writing and during this time fees are still payable.


Can you please ensure that if your child/children are not attending on a set day that you call the Fun Lodge phone BEFORE 10am that day. Do not email as we are not always able to pick these up! If you fail to do this you may be charged a £10 fee which will be included on your account. Please also let us know if your child is attending an after school club, stating days they will be attending and the finishing time of the club. It is also important that all parents keep their own contact numbers updated with us.\ Should your child have anything that they require to bring home from school on a daily basis it would be helpful if you could let us know by text on that morning. This way we can try and ensure that this is done.

Spring Holiday Club\ We are in the process of collating the numbers for this and we hope to be in a position to confirm the dates by the end of the week. If you have not replied to this letter then please do so ASAP.\ We will then be in touch with a programme and consent forms for everyone who has booked a place.

Notice Board

As you may be aware we have a notice board in the front hallway as you come in the door. This will tell you of our programme of play opportunities on offer for that week.\ Please take a minute to read this.

Parent Donating Time

Last Christmas we had asked parents if instead of handing in gifts to Fun Lodge they would like to donate their time to us. To date we have had 6 parents come into do some workshops with the children related to their jobs. All the children who participated thoroughly enjoyed these sessions.

Should you also wish to do this please let us know.

The Fun Lodge Times

After a short break to refresh the Fun Lodge Times team have been working hard over the past couple of weeks to get another issue out.\ Please keep an eye out for this as I’m sure as always it will be a great read.


Just to let you know that Heather MacLeod is now on maternity leave and I am sure that you wish her well during this time. We will of course let you know when her baby has been born. During her leave Guy Cowan will be undertaking her job role.

\ Thank you for your continued support.