New Year – New Term

Welcome back everyone into our new 2015 term at Fun Lodge.

We have a lot happening this term and will be updating the website on a monthly basis to keep you all involved in our setting plans. Below you will also find a copy of our new term newsletter.

Fun Lodge Newsletter January 2015

As well as keeping you up to date through the website, for those of you who have children attending our setting we hope you have had a chance to see our notice board which sits at the entrance to our setting. On this board we aim to inform all visitors and users of the setting with the weeks activities. On this you and your children will be able to see the weekly snack choices as well as the activities on offer for that week. This is not all we offer the children however and will only state the set activities such as cooking, crafts, workshops etc. for the week ahead.

Robert Burns Day, Chinese New Year and Valentines Day are all upcoming festivals, which we will be celebrating within our setting through snack choices, craft activities and play opportunities.

Due to our successful fundraiser The Fun Lodge Recipe Book we have decided to undertake another one for this year. With the help from children’s evaluation it has been decided that this year we will produce a Fun Lodge Calendar. The children will draw pictures for each of the months and this will then be made into a calendar promoting not only the setting but also all the children’s artwork. This will be on-going throughout the year and is open to all children who attend our setting term time as well as holiday clubs.

Due to new government legislation it is now a requirement to complete a Children’s Care Plan for every child who attend a care service. Within our setting these are small child friendly booklets, which ask the children questions in relation to GIRFEC and the SHANARRI indicators. Each child within our setting has been allocated a ‘Key Worker’ and will have an individual time to complete their own individual care plan. These care plans are available for all parents/guardians to see should they wish to when at the setting. Please speak to a member of staff regarding any questions about this.

New term means new school holidays. Our first holiday letter is for the February Mid-Term break. As Fun Lodge collects children from numerous schools and therefore different holidays we at this stage look to offer cover from the 5th February- 11th February inclusive. Should you require any of the dates mentioned then please fill in and return the February Holiday form asap.

Fun Lodge February Holiday Dates 2015

The spring holiday letters will then be updated once the February holidays are over.

Our AGM has been arranged for 6.30pm on Wednesday 28th January 2015 at Fun Lodge premises (Merrylea Parish Church)

AGM Notice Letter January 2015